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Yeah… Yeah, it is.


-It was how he should have been all along, and how he was going to be from now on. Except, he did pull away from nuzzling Sonic for a moment, if only because the memory of today actually was came rushing back to him. Birthday. Right. And that new cake was just sitting there waiting for taste testing.-

… How about a slice of cake and then we can head to bed and snuggle all night, my bluebell?

-It sounded like a great plan to Shadow.-

-Sonic almost whined when Shadow distanced himself a bit out of necessity, bringing up the cake that the blue hedgehog had nearly forgotten about. Still, at least he managed to convince Shadow to sleep with him in bed, which meant that their separation wasn’t going to last for long. Besides, he’d probably forget about the need for cuddling the instant he sank his teeth into that cake.-

Sounds like a plan! I’m gonna hold you to that last one, though, okay?


-He did have more compliments, Shadow wouldn’t exactly call them ‘better’ though. Compliments were compliments, and Shadow meant them fully when he gave them to Sonic. Sonic was cute, he was also other things. Other things that Shadow let go of as he nuzzled his cheek into the side of Sonic’s head and uttered to him.-

You’re wonderful… Thank you for being so patient with me.

-Sonic would call them ‘better’ because they fit more. He wasn’t cute, dammit.

Any sort of resentment at being called that faded away, though, when Shadow nuzzled into him. Just having Shadow be this physically affectionate again more than made up for how much distance he’d previously placed between them.-

… Well, that’s how you are with someone you love, right?

-And it should’ve been how he was from the very start. There was so much he had to make up for — so much that Shadow didn’t understand, nor did the black hedgehog think he deserved, and Sonic knew it. He would realize he deserved that respect eventually. Sonic promised that much.-


-How could Sonic even deny he was cute when he practically melted into Shadow upon him just opening his arms for him. And that purr too, there was no doubt that Sonic was the cutest hedgehog alive, never mind the fastest.


Shadow allowed himself to purr back, his fingers curling into Sonic’s fur and just holding him in place carefully, his other hand stroking through Sonic’s quills. Sonic could have revenge, whatever, Shadow didn’t care. All he cared about was that Sonic was comfortable enough to do this with him, to cuddle up this close to him and allow this. It was wonderful. It was amazing to be doing this again.-

… This is relaxing.

-It certainly was. Guess he nailed that relaxing part, huh?-

-Shadow’s putting his hands through his quills like that certainly was relaxing. Shadow could stroke him like that all day, Sonic wouldn’t care! In fact, the blue hedgehog continued to purr softly and shut his eyes, his arms tightening their grip around Shadow’s waist. He had no intention of going anywhere.-

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

-Sonic didn’t even know why he was trying to keep the tough guy act up anymore. He still felt sore that Shadow would call him ‘cute’ and nothing else. Come on, surely Shadow had some better compliments for him than that.-


-Stall Shadow out, huh? But cute did describe Sonic. He could be strong and cool and handsome along with cute, and Sonic certainly picked the wrong hedgehog to play the silence game with. Shadow could be silent for fifty years after all, whether he was in a suspended state or not.


He continued to stir the mixture, heck, even managing to allow the cake to cool, ice it and sprinkle the coconut sprinkles on in front of Sonic all whilst remaining silent. Good, huh? He then set the cake down on the counter beside Sonic and walked back up to him, opening out his arms for him to silently ask for a hug.

Shadow could stay silent, but he did want the affection that they had missed out on still.-

-Sonic watched Shadow continue to make the cake, and as hungry as he felt, he didn’t give into any temptation to try to jump after it. Instead, he stayed silent, keeping his arms stubbornly crossed. No way was Shadow going to get an edge in on him. He was Sonic the freaking Hedgehog. The man of this house!

… But then Shadow came to him with arms open, and cuddle-bug Sonic couldn’t resist. He found himself too weak willed, unfortunately, and he melted against the black hedgehog, holding him in response and placing the side of his face on Shadow’s shoulder. He cursed Shadow within his head, but on the outside he was purring.

He’d get revenge for this someday. He swore it.-


-Wow, Sonic. Who said the man of the house couldn’t also be cute? He could be the man of the house if he really wanted, but that didn’t make the fact that he was cute any less true. In fact, Sonic was only proving it to be true the more he huffed and kept staring away. Cutie.-


Okay, cutie.

-Shadow was certainly going to call him cute more. And with that, the black hedgehog turned once more, opening the oven door to check the cake. Deeming it ready, he carefully pulled the trays out and set them on the work top.-

They must cool for a while now. Do not touch them, cutie, you’ll burn your fingers.

-He quickly set to work concocting the flavoured icing once he’d given Sonic that teasing warning, and he was soon stirring away once more, with a different spoon than the one Sonic was licking not too long ago.-

-Sonic saw into Shadow’s scheme. Well, two could play at that game. The blue hedgehog fell deathly silent and gave him no response, still leaning against the wall and just watching him pull out the cake. He said nothing. He wouldn’t grant Shadow that luxury.-

-Shadow made a note of him not putting his fingers into it right now, but honestly Sonic didn’t want to. He just wanted to stall Shadow out until he stopped calling him 'cutie'. Perhaps, go on the line of calling him more masculine things — like ‘handsome’, maybe! ‘Strong’! ‘Cool’! He could do with any of those because they all described him.-


-He was blushing! Sure, he went silent, but Shadow certainly noticed that colour rushing to his cheeks. Cute. Sonic was cute, did he know that? If not, Shadow had a few minutes to spare left, about five, he could let Sonic know that he was adorable.

He took a step closer to Sonic once more, quickly pecking a kiss to his forehead.-


You’re cute.

-No, Sonic was not cute. He was a man. HE WAS THE MAN OF THIS HOUSE. And he would be respected as the man of this house!

… Later, since this was the first bit of affection Shadow had shown in a while. Th-that was the only reason. No reason else.

He let out another soft huff and crossed his arms harder, but he didn’t move away from the black hedgehog, instead looking down stubbornly to hide his face as much as he could without outright covering it.-

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Get to the cake, Swallowtail.


-Sonic may not have been verbally protesting, but Shadow could still see that pout and whine in his voice. Cute. He’d forgotten how much Sonic practically craved affection and attention. And if Shadow recalled correctly, he used to tease him a lot. Not about that, just in general. So maybe… Just maybe… He could once more?-


No need to whine, cuddle-hog.

-There was need to whine though, Sonic was just all too cute when he whined for affection.-

-You know, teasing Sonic about whining when you wanted him to whine more was not going to earn you more whines.

At Shadow’s words, Sonic fell deathly silent and turned his head to the side with a gentle huff, not saying a word. He wasn’t going to reward Shadow for that behavior. He fiercely ignored the coloring of his own cheeks, and simply mentally urged Shadow to get back to the cake. He wasn’t getting anything out of this ‘hog.-


-Thankfully, Sonic didn’t mention that to Shadow. Even with this step forward to actually making a change, it was too soon for him to believe that Sonic could have missed him more. He still couldn’t believe that Sonic wanted to be close to him, he couldn’t understand why but… He was going to make the effort for him. Like he should have all along.-


We could um… Continue that a little later? I would just rather not have the whole house burnt down because I forgot to check the cake.

-Continuing that kiss would be wonderful, if Sonic allowed it anyway. To drop into Sonic and just relax would be wonderful, but of course, he’d rather not be kissing Sonic whilst the whole house was burning to the ground around him. And so he took a step back, picking up a pair of oven gloves and slipping them on to open the oven door and check the cake. Just a couple more minutes would do, and those couple more minutes he could spend cuddling with Sonic.-

… Just a few more minutes.

-Sonic wanted to protest when Shadow moved away from him, but the blue hedgehog knew that he was right. Shadow wouldn’t be able to finish the cake if he was just cuddling up to him and restraining him like that. The thing was, though, Sonic was such a cuddlebug — he wasn’t sure how long he could go without a hug or two.

Even still, he stepped back, crossing his arms and trying his best not to be too huffy.-


-He leaned against the wall and watched Shadow, tapping his foot. Sonic had never been the best at waiting. But he’d try for Shadow’s sake.

Besides, the reward was worth it if he could have Shadow cuddling up to him and, later that night, sleeping next to him.-


-Well, Shadow certainly didn’t notice Lassie watching as her masters kissed, he was too busy actually doing the kissing. Kissing which he had missed so much, he’d missed Sonic so much, he missed they way he felt, the way he moved, everything, just him. Shadow was still rather frightened, of course, he probably would still be for a while. But he wasn’t going to let fear control him. He enjoyed this, Sonic enjoyed this and they both needed this.


He held the kiss for a few more moments, moving his hands to carefully cup Sonic’s cheeks in his palms to steady him as he moved his lips slowly with his. Drawing slowly to an end where he pulled away from the blue hedgehog back a few inches and quickly began to let out that rare purr of his, accompanied by his rare smile.-

… I missed you.

-Indeed, Sonic had missed it. He felt like he had feathers beneath his feet and he floated as the two of them kept their lips together — yes, it felt nice to finally have that connection that the two of them had been missing for ages. It bothered the blue hedgehog a little bit that Shadow gave off some hesitation, but it was his hope that he would be weaned of that the more they practiced.

Sonic leaned into the palms of Shadow’s hands, and even when Shadow let go it felt like it’d been too soon. After all, the kiss was probably, what, a minute long? But he didn’t want to push Shadow more than the black hedgehog felt comfortable with, so all he did was match his smile and ignore that impatient little thrill demon at the back of his head, before letting himself lean against him.-

Took the words right from my mouth, dude.

-In fact, as selfish as it probably sounded, Sonic could bet he missed Shadow a hell of a lot more than Shadow missed him.-


-That laugh was music to Shadow’s ears, that smile was also pretty magical. And Shadow was suddenly grabbed and pulled into Shadow’s arms, being held tightly by the blue hedgehog as he giggled and grinned like an idiot. A cute idiot. It felt good to make Sonic smile once more… It felt like it had been forever since he last did. He’d keep this up for the both of them.-

Yes, yes, I will do… Just… May I have one thing first?

-Sonic slowly began to let go, but Shadow moved in himself. Carefully wrapping an arm around Sonic’s waist to pull him in close one more for just a brief moment. It really had been a long time since he’d done this. The familiarity of the situation rushed back to him, the feeling of Sonic’s fur under his own, his scent surrounding him, the pulse of his body’s breath that he could feel against him. He’d missed him. He leaned in slowly, hovering his lips over Sonic’s, giving him those few moments to pull away if he needed to before he connected their lips for the first time in a long time.-


-After all that had happened lately, Sonic didn’t expect Shadow to grab onto him again. The blue hedgehog blinked as he met Shadow eye to eye, face to face, and soon, closely…breath to breath. The question misted over his lips as he felt himself swallow, his hands moving to tangle themselves behind Shadow’s back. He knew exactly what Shadow was asking him to do.-

… Yeah. ‘course you can.

-Heart drumming, palms sweating, that was all that was left between the two of them before finally, Sonic pushed himself forward halfway so that the two of them could kiss again in the first time in…how long? It must’ve been weeks?

Neither of them noticed the border collie watching them with positive energy just radiating from her body.-