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all S T A R S could be B R I G H T E R !
all H E A R T S could be W A R M E R !



-He turned as his hand was grasped a hold of, meeting the blue hedgehog’s gaze. A part of Shadow just wanted to pull his hand back now, tell Sonic that he didn’t need to force himself, but another part of hi just wanted to melt. Bring Sonic close into a tight hold, bundle him up in his arms and just cuddle all those awful thoughts away.

But… Shadow did neither. He just stood, one and in Sonic’s hand and the other holding that leash. If this was how Sonic wanted them to stay, Shadow would be okay with that. Whatever Sonic wished, Shadow would do his best to give him.

Although he couldn’t resist but to squeeze his hand gently once.-


… Don’t worry about it, Sonic. Lets just walk.

-Sonic didn’t mind the hand squeeze at all, far more concerned about how Shadow actually felt. He noticed his expression lighten just a little bit, but it was obvious Sonic took a blow at him without realizing it. The blue hedgehog’s ears fell against his head, but he didn’t continue his nervous rambling. Maybe they could just move past it and forget about it. After all, Shadow did seem happier with him holding his hand.

Instead of replying directly to Shadow, he turned.-

Here, Lassie! C’mere!

-Which was exactly what the border collie did. She had grown quite a bit since they had first gotten her, and here she was, enthusiastically wagging her tail. She was unaware of the tension going on between her two owners; she just knew it was walk time as evidenced by the leash that Shadow was carrying.

Sonic turned his gaze back to Shadow, his voice incredibly soft for the usually brash hedgehog.-

You know how to clip it on her collar, right?


-‘It’ll only be thirty seconds.’

Shadow actually couldn’t think of worse words to leave Sonic’s lips right there and then. He was being far too clingy, huh? Sonic didn’t like clingy, and clearly, he wasn’t so excited about hand holding to grab the leash with Shadow. His words caused Shadow to flinch up instantly, his body tensing up as he slowly pulled back from that hold Sonic had around him, breathing a soft sigh.-


It doesn’t matter. I’ll get it.

-They were never gonna get anywhere, huh? Shadow was too clingy and Sonic wasn’t meant for things like this. Why did they even bother? And Shadow continued to allow his mind to beat himself black and blue as he wandered over to the hook to grab the leash.-

-Sonic could tell almost immediately that Shadow took that the wrong way. The blue hedgehog frowned as his boyfriend slipped out of his grip, and he turned to him, confusion only growing, not lessening.-

Huh? No. I never said that— that it doesn’t matter, I mean. I just… You weren’t— I wasn’t— neither of us was going to go far from the other, right? But I figured, hey, you wanted contact? That’s no big deal, I mean…

-He already screwed up and they hadn’t even gone outside yet. Good freaking job, Sonic.

He followed him like a kicked puppy dog and quickly grasped onto Shadow’s free hand.-


+ followmesetmefreetrustme


The Dream Gate had been fairly quiet lately, the only sound being the water in the fountain. Sonic was seated on the fountain’s edge, legs swinging as he stared at the golden gates that Visitors would walk through upon entering the Dream Dimension. He wasn’t sure what time in the Waking World it was, but surly the people there were going to sleep, right?

He hoped. He was so bored!

His ear perked at the sound of footsteps, tail twitching before wagging fully as he leaped to his feet. Seconds later and he was running laps around the newcomer, skidding to a halt in front of them.


"Welcome to the Dream Gate, Visitor!"

Sonic hadn’t been having some very good dreams lately. He’d run into his fair share of reminders that what he’d done had been more than inexcusable, and that coupled with something else he’d never brought himself to talk about with anyone resulted in restless nights. Imagine Sonic’s surprise, then, when he managed to break out of the light of one particular nightmare and stepped on a cobblestone path, leading up to an open gate. He stared in wonder at his surroundings, with twinkling stars and a fountain at the center of the square running.

Too bad he didn’t have much time to scenery gaze.

Almost immediately after he’d taken one look at his surroundings he found himself surrounded again by a creature that looked suspiciously like him, with differences being in his outfit as well as those feet of his. Not that Sonic noticed them; he was too busy trying to figure out what the creature wanted from him, running around him like that.

"Whoa. Slow down, dude!" He held out a hand in the Nightmaren’s path in the hope that it would accomplish something.

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-Being completely honest, Shadow didn’t want either of them to get that leash just yet. Sonic had his arm around him. His arm. Around him. Sonic never usually touched him like this. In fact, the closest touching they usually got was when Shadow climbed into bed late at night and Sonic practically flopped on top of him. Why would he want out of any kind of contact like this any time soon?-


May we both get it please? I don’t really want to leave your side just yet.

… Really?

It’d only be thirty seconds…

-Gosh, Shadow was awfully clingy. Earlier on in their relationship Sonic would’ve been almost angry. But right now, he was simply confused. That being said, it took only a pause before Sonic reconsidered.-

… Okay, fine. It’s right on that hook by the door. Do you want me to hold your hand?

-Hand-holding was still rather strange for Sonic, but they were in a relationship, dang it. He could put up with it. He’d get better at this romance thing.-


-Shadow almost pulled back the moment he felt Sonic begin to hold onto him, but he forced himself not to, even took as deep of breaths as he could through his nose to force himself to relax. Sonic wanted this, he wanted it himself to some degree, he was just scared… But… He hadn’t frightened Sonic off yet, right?

His shoulders slowly beginning to drop, his lips moving with Sonic’s, slotting together perfectly. And Shadow’s hands dropped to Sonic’s waist, holding him there to ensure that he could pull away if he wanted to. Perfect, right? He sure hoped so.-


-Indeed, he definitely hadn’t frightened Sonic off. In fact, Shadow read into him perfectly by relaxing into it and getting into it like that. It was funny to feel Shadow’s hands on his waist again; seems like it’s been forever since he touched him anywhere near there. Always been his face at most. Not even hand holding… Which was quite a shame. Sonic was a pretty “touchy” guy.

There was no hint of the mistaken temptation from before. He fully wanted this, and he fully knew what he was getting into. Even the logical part of him held no objections. This was fine. He was fine with this. He was fine with a lot of things lately, honestly, and he wanted Shadow to know that. He’d changed from the flighty hedgehog he was. Sure, he still wanted his space, but it wasn’t as necessary to him as it had been then.

A relationship sometimes required sacrifice for its commitment. And Sonic was tired of Shadow being the only one who would make those sacrifices.-


-He wanted a ‘feeling’ kiss. Shadow was pretty darn sure by this point that Sonic was very sick or trying to kill Shadow in some way. A kiss with feelings would be so much longer and require Shadow to get into it… He wasn’t sure that was a good idea though. He could scare him off again.-

… Fine.

-He swallowed, trying to push back his fears as he brought his trembly fingers to Sonic’s cheek, tracing over his flesh rather hastily and lifting Sonic’s chin. He hesitated, biting his bottom lip once, feeling them tremble with fear before he finally was able to press them up against Sonic’s lightly. And even though he was the one to initiate this time, his whole body still tensed up.-

-When the two of them met lips again, Sonic decided he would help Shadow through it. He could tell he was incredibly nervous, but Sonic would show him that there was nothing to worry about. He traced his hands over Shadow’s face and then held on so he could hold it there as their lips pressed together. He increased the pressure a bit from the light kiss that Shadow had initially started out with, and only shifted to re-position so the both of them would be more comfortable.

He hoped Shadow wouldn’t pull away this time. Stay. C’mon.-


-He tensed up instantly, ears lowering against his head. Okay… Okay. This was easy, just don’t get too into it. Don’t scare him off. And within the very second it had begun, Shadow ended up, pulling back.

There. That was a kiss.-

… There you go.

-Aww, what? That was a short kiss. A very, very short kiss that Shadow didn’t seem to really get into at all. And it made Sonic pout.-

That had absolutely no feeling in it. C’mon, let’s do it again. Don’t be shy.

-It wasn’t fun if Shadow didn’t enjoy it.-



No… If you really want to then you can, but I can too if you want that more. I don’t mind.

You know what, I’ll go ahead and do it.

-He ran his fingers underneath Shadow’s chin, tilted his head up, and met their lips.-


Well… You’ve never really initiated a kiss before…


Sure I have a few times.

Are you saying you want me to right now? Because I can do that.


No… No… That’s not what I mean. I just know you’re not fond of kissing, Sonic.


So… Why are you asking for one?

… Feel free to inform me when I said I didn’t like kissing.